Rust Resources

📚 Reading

  1. Official Book: Don't skip this.
  2. Easy Rust: Easier to read, no fancy word.
  3. The Rust Reference: Feel like short note 🤔.
  4. Asynchronous Programming in Rust: Collection of async things.
  5. Rust Design Patterns: Design Patterns obviously.
  6. The Embedded Rust Book: Embedded things.
  7. MacroKata: A set of exercises which you can use to learn how to write macros in Rust.
  8. Rust API Guidelines: How to design and present APIs.
  9. The Rustonomicon: The Dark Arts of Unsafe Rust.
  10. Rust Atomics and Locks: Low-Level Concurrency in Practice.
  11. The Rust Performance Book: Contains many techniques that can improve the performance.
  12. Effective Rust: 35 Specific Ways to Improve Your Rust Code.

👨‍🍳 Cooking

  1. Rust Cookbook: Recommend!.
  2. A half-hour to learn Rust: Took more than a half-hour for me 😅.
  3. Blessed: An unofficial guide to the Rust ecosystem.

👨🏻‍💻 Doing

  1. Rust By Example: Less talk, Plenty of working example.
  2. Rustlings: Learn by fixing bugs.

🎮 Playing

  1. The Rust Programming Language + Quiz: Tricky quiz, viz stack/heap.
  2. Rust By Practice: Fill in the blank quiz.
  3. Tour of Rust: Explore rust with playground.
  1. Rust for JavaScript Developers: Well taught from this to that, by Sid Chatterjee
  2. Programming Rust, 2nd Edition: In depth detail about heap/stack.
  3. Rust for Rustaceans: More explain = less code.
  4. Idiomatic Rust code: More to read.

WASM Resources

  1. Rust and WebAssembly
  2. The wasm-bindgen Guide
  3. Hello wasm-pack!
  4. Second State
  5. WebAssembly threads
  6. Rhai - WebAssembly (WASM) Build
  7. Rust no_std Playbook

Binding Resources

  1. CXX — safe FFI between Rust and C++
  2. The UniFFI user guide
  3. Rust-CUDA

Solana Resources

  1. Solana Cookbook
  2. SolDev
  3. Anchor
  4. Metaplex
  5. The Solana Reading List - Mert
  6. Solandy