Let's learn together ✨



  • ✨ This book is like random working gist + stack overflow + cheat sheet + short note for Rust and Wasm.
  • 🚧 This book is ongoing, feel free to help.


  • 🏔 Provide smoothed Rust and Wasm learning curve by working examples.
  • 🛣 Provide a happy case examples (failure case is optional).
  • 🛠 Regularly maintain and update to keep things fresh.


  • We won't cover the topics that we didn't have a chance to use it yet e.g. macros, unsafe,FFI, embed device.
  • We maybe cover game, 3d, ml topic if we get enough funding and time on earth.


  • Buy me some ☕️ so I can turn it to code! 👉 Patreon